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Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the least understood components of digital marketing. Given the mystery of SEO, it’s also an area where small business owners can get taken in by a sales pitch and end up spending a lot … but getting little in return.

Here’s what SEO is not:

  • SEO is not paying for links to your website
  • SEO is not hoodwinking Google, Bing, and the other search engines
  • SEO is not pages that are filled with keywords but provide little value

Done right, SEO is earning backlinks from reputable sites, giving the search engines exactly what they want, and creating useful content that contains the keywords your best prospects use when looking for the products or services you provide.

How to cover those bases well is what SEO is all about. The problem is that a large percentage of the SEO “gurus” calling you make extravagant promises, but don’t and can’t deliver. They often use underhanded tactics that may give you an initial boost in search rank but will eventually get you penalized by the search engines and tank your site completely. Be careful out there.

Are You Confused About SEO? Let’s Talk

“I’ve been working with Don for more than a decade, and he has always proven himself professional and creative. He is one of those experts who will never just do whatever is required and take your money to move on to the next task. Don wants his clients to succeed. He will monitor the results and suggest further improvement or change of plans. He is always inspired and motivated. Definitely my favorite person to work with!” (Ann Smarty – Ninja)

SEO and Content Marketing Work I Can Provide

  • Search engine optimization (SEO — a topic often misunderstood)
  • SEO audits (how your website is ranking in search right now … and why)
  • Content marketing audit (reveals whether your content is working for or against you)
  • Competitors audit (who your top competitors are and how well you are competing)
  • Content marketing strategy (optimizing your content to convert traffic and help with SEO)
  • Copywriting (helps you move your best prospects into customer status)
  • Article writing (ghostwriting is a specialty … you get all the credit)
  • SEO writing (helps the search engines understand what you have and why your site should be shown to the searcher as a solution for that prospect’s problem or question)
  • A/B split testing (the process of fine-tuning your website for more conversions and high ROI)
  • Google search optimization and full-service SEO agency (the buck stops here … you don’t need to hire a squad of writers, SEO teams, content managers, ad specialists, copywriters, developers, and more)
  • SEO and content marketing training for you staff (boost your in-house capabilities)

Search engine optimized content helps you earn your way to the top of the search engine results page (SERP) and connect with your best prospects. Content — the right content — gets your message across clearly and builds your brand. The wrong content, though, can harm your brand and bury your website at the bottom of search results.

Every search is a question by the searcher. When your product or service can best answer the question or solve the problem, your website deserves to be seen. That’s why developing the right content matters. It’s up to you to tell them what you offer and why they should choose you over the competition. I can help boost your SEO in Bend, Oregon and anywhere else your business operates.

The right content, backed up with proper SEO, gets the phone ringing.

NOTE: Notice that I said “proper SEO.” More about that below. A mistake here can sink your site so far in results that prospects won’t have a chance of finding you in the SERP.

You must know what your best prospects are searching for, show them you have the information or products or services they need, and explain why you are the best provider of those goods and services.

SEO writing and a targeted content marketing plan can boost your site from hardly ever showing up in search to showing up regularly for your most important keywords and keyword phrases (including longtail keywords).

My job is to help make sure your site is properly optimized, then to attract qualified customers to your site and begin the process of converting your best prospects into paying customers.

Sometimes you want visitors to fill out an online interest form, sometimes you prefer that they schedule a consultation, or you may want them to call your office directly. We determine the best path for your prospective customers, then optimize your site to help them navigate that path. Simple, but not always easy. That’s why companies without genuine, expert SEO help so often rank low in search results.

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The bottom line: I help you get more sales by applying best practice SEO principles, targeted content, and SEO funnels on your landing pages.

“Don helped my business tremendously. He’s an awesome writer and has amazing marketing skills. My business is very successful … and it’s all thanks to him!” (Jennifer in Punta Gorda, Florida)

Bend, Oregon, Search Engine Optimized Writing

Would you love to see more qualified prospects coming to you, instead of you always having to chase after new customers? I’m not talking about a dream — but a reality that could be yours. No magic … just good, solid search engine optimization, website optimization, conversion rate optimization, digital marketing, and email marketing … all backed up by the right content.

“I own a landscape company in a relatively small town in Idaho, Don has taken my business to levels I never dreamed possible. I didn’t even think I needed a website ,I was way wrong. Don takes the initiative to do what’s needed to get your business recognized and customers gravitate to you. It’s amazing I can honestly say that without Don I would have never made it in this business.” (Brandon in Ammon, Idaho)

If you are an entrepreneur, you are one of my heroes. Let’s do our part in changing the world and building a better future for our children. There is no better work than adding value to the marketplace and no higher earthly call than to be of service to others. SEO writing and strategic content marketing helps you reach more of the prospects who need your help.

SEO Content Planning – Content Strategy – Content Writing – Copywriting

You don’t want to hire more staff? No problem, my work is by the project, not by the hour. You hire me for specific jobs, not to occupy a desk at your location. I don’t want to be on your clock every day. I just want to see you succeed.

Normally, the SEO and content marketing work I perform for you can be accomplished entirely by way of the internet. You don’t have to be here in Bend. You can be anywhere you have access to the internet or a telephone.

Crucial point: Few SEO experts are competent copywriters and few writers are SEO experts. You need both skills. Hire a fully-prepared SEO writer to get the best results.

From my office in Bend, Oregon, USA … we can reach the world.

NOTE: Like you, I get calls and emails and messages daily from people saying they can get my site on page one of Google in no time at all (and it’s obvious they’ve never even looked at my website). There are a ton of scammers and wanna-be SEO companies out there. At best, they will help you very little and charge a bunch. At worst (and I’ve seen this happen to people who fall for their schemes) they will hurt your site by using “black hat” tactics that might shoot your rankings up initially, but then get you penalized by the search engines and cause your site to disappear from search results overnight. Don’t fall for their traps. If somebody tells you something that sounds too good to be true, get in touch with me, and we’ll check it out. It’s hard to believe that some people spend their days trying to figure out how to take advantage of others … but that’s the reality. Many are overseas companies who love to see American businesses fail. If you’ve already fallen victim and want to know how to recover, contact me. I can help.

Here’s the truth: Getting ranked high on the search engine results page takes hard work and time. I can sometimes (depending on your business, location, and competition) get your phone ringing in weeks or even days, but the best results normally take six months to one year.

Once you’ve climbed the toughest part of the mountain, though, staying on top isn’t nearly as difficult. I can evaluate all that for you, but not until you let me know you want my help.

Good news: The initial evaluation is my gift to you. Set an appointment, let’s talk. Then I can schedule your work on my calendar or simply point out the problems I see so you can take care of it in-house. Either way, you’ll get valuable feedback, and I’ll get the pleasure of knowing I’ve helped someone keep moving forward.

“I highly recommend Don Sturgill. The investment is worth every penny. His writing allows me to focus on the work ONLY I can do. I hired Don Sturgill as content marketing writer, and he was fantastic! He has a wonderful talent for capturing another person’s voice. I’m a sales trainer, so anyone who knows my work or has heard me speak is tuned in to my personality, mannerisms, and expressions. That makes me a harder person to write for. Don worked closely with me to convert my ideas and notes into well-written articles. In fact, we have enough content now that we’re not far from turning it into a book. The longer we work together, the more he retains about my ‘style’.” (Debbie in Scottsdale, Arizona)

I am a full-service SEO and Content marketing agency. Because I’ve been working online since the early days of the internet, there’s little I’ve not seen or done. My bread and butter work is with corporations, but my heart is with the little guys, the startups, and the small businesses that are the backbone of our economy.

Work with a writer who knows both SEO and business — someone who is a friend of entrepreneurs. I help you create a content and SEO strategy that works. You tell me what you hope to accomplish, and I help you get there. Use the link below to set up a no-charge, no-obligation discussion. This is not the same old stuff. I’ll never pressure you, hound you, or share your information with others. Proven results. Years of experience. All work is directly created and edited within my agency.

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Why wait? Give me a call, let’s talk, and you win. Whether you hire me or not, you’re going to get actionable information that can boost sales. I promise not to waste a minute of your precious time.

“I’ve worked with Don Sturgill for several years and he’s a fantastic copywriter. Not only does he write great copy in a way readers enjoy and interact with, but also he understands the purpose of content and email marketing.

He has a solid understanding of SEO and web search for traffic. He’s amazing at creating content recipes that he serves out as blog articles, drip emails, and social media posts. He doesn’t just write blog posts for you, he creates marketing assets.

He wrote an article for our company (Warfare Plugin’s) that went viral. He spent a lot of time in research on the article. It was a very technical topic but presented in layman’s terms that allowed people to embrace the article, share the article and it received a lot of attention and valuable back links. I was extremely pleased with the success of that article in particular.

I wholeheartedly recommend Don Sturgill.” (Jason Wiser, Wiser Sites)

Do I Need a Copywriter or SEO Writer?

What is a copywriter? Many business owners are confused about the term. Thankfully, though, there’s a simple way of looking at it that clears up confusion: Copywriters write for businesses. They are salespeople with a typewriter (now a keyboard).

Copywriting consists of the words (copy) that connect you to your clients, your prospective clients, and to the search engines — like Google Search and Bing.

You not only need a copywriter for marketing, promoting, and branding your business — you already have a “copywriter.” That might be you, someone on your staff, or your cousin’s daughter … but if you use written words for your business, you have “copy.” And all copy is written by a “copywriter.”

Why hire a professional copywriter, SEO writer, or content manager?

Just as you hire professional help in all other areas of your business and expect your staff to act professionally on the job, copywriting is a huge part of how your business is perceived by customers and prospects. You want to stand out as the preferred choice to your target market for your service and products.

Great copywriting helps you do that.

If you have questions about copywriting and copy in general, let’s talk. Good copywriting isn’t just important, it can be critical to your business success.

For a no-obligation review of your current situation, Contact Don.

Give your business the best chance to compete. Whether you call it internet marketing, online marketing, digital marketing, or content marketing — your website has never been as important to your bottom line as it is today.

When your best prospects hear about you, the first thing they do is … you guessed it … search online. I can help make sure they find you, like you, and want to know more about your products or services.

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