After several decades of writing, marketing, and selling for organizations small, large, and federal (i.e. the gamut), I made a line-in-the-dirt decision and set out on my own.

Don Sturgill
Don Sturgill – Writer and Speaker

A freelance writer’s life isn’t easy, but neither is punching a time clock day after day … all the time KNOWING the blood and heart of an entrepreneur are within you.

Since May 10, 2013, I have kept at it month after month. In the process, I’ve learned things one can only really KNOW by experience.

A big lesson is that every job is not my job. There are many things I can do: conversion optimization, copywriting for sales, business strategy … but there are just a few things I have begun to focus on:

  • Email marketing and email strategy – It’s digital direct mail, it’s powerful, and when it’s done poorly … it’s nothing but spam. Email marketing, done with forethought can help you close more sales and earn more money.
  • Article writing – The buzz term today is “Content Marketing.” I write articles and other content for both onsite and offsite access. Why pay a middle-man for the articles and PR/Branding/Authority-building presence you need? By going straight to the writer, you save money and get personal service.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – This is perhaps one of the least understood aspects of online marketing. It’s also a trade jam-packed with promises … but short on delivery. Done right, SEO can boost your site in search engine rankings and get the phone ringing. Done wrong (and this is an easy trap to fall into), “SEO” can give you, perhaps, a quick boost — then get your website penalized and make it disappear from search. If you’re getting offers that sound too good to be true (and Google does not call to promise you first page ranking), hang up and call me. Let’s talk about the reality of SEO and how you can leverage it.
  • Small business counsel – My heart is with the little guy. I supply a website, marketing copy, and strategic advice. I can help you develop a sales and marketing plan and help you get established. I can’t take on work from all who apply, but if you need help let me know. I will do what I can within your budget. For small business marketing consulting, business consulting, or sales consulting… call for a no-obligation review of where you are now and where you want to go.

Here is my top tip for anyone considering writing as a career: Get up early, sit down in front of a keyboard, and start writing.
You will never, ever learn it all … but good writers are worth their weight in gold. Literally.

My avocation is The DEEP. The work was born in Navajo territory, and I’ve taken it to venues as varied as the county jail and the corporate training room. I am a believer in the Gospel, and a philosopher at heart. I’m also the father of some mighty fine children (just saying).

Should you want to find out how to get professional work to help you boost the bottom line, but you don’t want to take on additional employees, just let me know via the Contact form. Let’s see if your needs and my gifts are a good match.

I write. You win. 

It’s more than a motto … it’s the truth.

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