Can you get rich writing eBooks?

It’s possible. Not probable, but possible.

Can you get famous writing eBooks?

Possibly, but you could also win the lottery.

If the odds aren’t on your side, why in the world should you put in the hours and days and maybe even months of hard work required to become a published author?

I’m glad you asked.

Here’s my list of reasons why publishing on Amazon can be a really good idea…

Publishing On Amazon – 15 Reasons Why

Getting rich and getting famous probably aren’t the best reasons to write an eBook — although your book can certainly be part of the journey to both of those aspirations.

Here are some more practical reasons why publishing on Amazon might be a wise part of your own marketing and branding strategy:

  1. Your book is a business card. It can bring in clients you might otherwise have missed.
  2. There is no fee for publishing on Amazon Kindle or CreateSpace.
  3. Amazon searchers are likely to be looking for something to buy… why not your book?
  4. Publishing on Amazon Kindle helps position you as an authority in your niche.
  5. The barrier to entry for publishing on Amazon is low. You can, if you will.
  6. Amazon sells a ton of books daily, and yours can be included.
  7. Amazon sell more books than other eBook sellers. They own about 74% of the eBook market.
  8. Getting published on Amazon can be accomplished quickly.
  9. Amazon provides free tools and strategies for promoting your work.
  10. Once your Kindle book is published, royalties come as long as it keep selling (passive income).
  11. Amazon draws an immense market. The site gets about 172 million unique visits per month.
  12. You can use your book to help sell other items off-Amazon.
  13. You can use Amazon Kindle to help build a mailing list for marketing.
  14. It’s easy for people to buy on Amazon, and they trust Amazon.
  15. Your Amazon author page can be a part of your SEO strategy for getting found in search results.

If you have something valuable to say, publishing on Amazon can be an excellent way to say it.

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Amazon eBook Publishing Can Help You If…

If you want to position yourself as someone who has expertise in a certain field or on a certain topic, Amazon can be an excellent way to help solidify that position.

If you want to build a mailing list and direct traffic to off-Amazon sales, it’s quite possible to do that with your Kindle eBook.

There’s only one bad reason to consider Amazon publishing. It’s something that’s a blight on us all. Many marketers advise others to pay peanuts to outsource books and publish them en masse. The theory is that all you need is a book, keywords, a cover, and a title. Most people don’t read what they buy anyway.

That’s a deplorable way to earn money. It’s Amazon spam. Please don’t do that.

Publishing On Amazon – 15 Reasons Why – Wrapping it up

If getting an eBook published is part of your strategy for success, you can do it. Sometimes, the process seems way too involved, but you can break it up into simple and achievable steps.

For help getting going, check this free resource: “The #1 Reason WHY YOU FAIL, (and how to stop doing that)”

Wishing you great success.

You’ve got this. You can do it. Yes, you can.

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