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Pinocchio - Creative Commons by Michiel Jelijs
Pinnochio – Creative Commons by Michiel Jelijs

Writers have become really good at writing headlines. Any kid with a computer knows how to sell the sizzle and fill in a template to make a power-packed sales page.

When a great headline gets launched in the webosphere there’s much backslapping and kudo-mongering: “Wow, dude, that headline is KILLER!”

Isn’t it odd, though, that you seldom hear anyone say the content lived up to the headline’s promise?

Maybe the truth is we seldom READ the content anymore.

We settle for great headlines and bullet points instead.

Great headlines have killed content — not killed the NEED for content, but killed the APPETITE for it.

After a few times of taking the bait, then finding out the article promising “Untold Secrets” is really just a rehash of obvious points everybody already knows… we stop falling for it. It becomes easier to NOT read the content than to get pulled in and sucker-punched by it.

The new writer’s credo:

We talk, but seldom listen.

We promise, but seldom deliver.

We expect you to share, but give you little to get excited about.

Ain’t it a shame?

Society should demand more of its writers than of its physicians.

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