Has Google Gone Too Far?

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JOSH BACHYNSKI IS DOING SOMETHING many online bloggers and businesses have said NEEDS to be done: He’s calling Google out for trading their iconic “Don’t be evil” motto in for one some say borders on sinister: Make more money (no matter who gets hurt).

Is Josh correct? Or is he only trying to stir up a name for himself and his search engine optimization (SEO) firm? Any way you cut it, he’s proposed an important topic that needs to be addressed.

Critics say any damage Google’s actions have inflicted on businesses are well-deserved and absolutely within good business practice. Others see a power play aimed at pushing businesses towards having to pay Google for rank.

If Google is anything, Google is powerful.

Power aside, though, shouldn’t any company be able to do whatever it wants in order to make more money?

Well … NO. Not really. Even multinational corporations have moral obligations to society —  some of which are protected under law. It could even be argued that the more power a company possesses, the greater is the moral obligation. (Monsanto comes sharply to mind …)

Here’s the trailer for the video. Afterwards are remarks gathered from a group interview via MyBlogU … one helpful tool, by the way.

Whether you agree with Josh or you don’t agree with Josh, chances are you’re going to have a pretty strong reaction to the claims presented here:

After watching this trailer, what is your reaction?

Konstantinos (co-founder of Beakon)

Josh is addressing a very intriguing and delicate issue in an overwhelming, but humourous, way. My first reaction to the video was to smile … but soon the smile was replaced by quite a lot of thinking and a feeling of drama! Congrats to Josh, he definitely has some guts!

My Online Marketer (Ego bait works well)

My reaction is empathy for these people. Google’s algo updates are exactly as the video suggests – aggressive. I’d be more shocked if I didn’t know this sort of thing was going on. I’d imagine the general public don’t know and to them it’d seem a lot more scandalous. Of course, it needs to become popular before this can be the case.

New Google motto? Make more money (no matter who gets hurt) ...
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How LinkedIn Works – Report From the Trenches

Depending on your business goals and your client audience, LinkedIn could help you generate leads and build traffic. I asked these pro users a few questions about how they use LinkedIn, PULSE, and SlideShare.

Here’s that report:

According to, over 52 million people visited LinkedIn in November!
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Q. Are you currently using LinkedIn? How active are you there on a 0-5 scale?

Brandon Schaefer (CEO )
On a scale of 0-5, I’m a 5.

Jared Banz (Founder)
4 – I use LinkedIn a lot, but not in the traditional sense. Rather than use it as a posting mechanism on the main wall or various groups, I use it to find freelancers for projects — as well as to observe what competing companies companies are doing.

Jeffrey Romano (Blogger @ WP LIghthouse)
Yes, I currently log in daily to LinkedIn. I moderate a local business LinkedIn group with over 5000 members so I make it a point that the group is spam free and has value-adding discussions going on. On a scale from 0 to 5, I would say that I’m a 4 in terms of how active I am.

Maxwell Ivey (The Blind Blogger)

Yes, I am on LinkedIn. I would say my level of activity is 4 out of 5. It’s my favorite network, due to the professional nature of the site and general high level of accessibility for blind users.

Steve Counsell (Motivational speaker, writer, and trainer)

I use LinkedIn occasionally (2 on a scale 0f 1-5), and I write articles for publication on LinkedIn.

Do you have a LinkedIn Company Page? Is it important to have both a personal and company presence on LinkedIn?

Brandon Schaefer 

Yes, I have a LinkedIn company page, but I mainly focus on my personal profile.

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Email Marketing Basics – Perspectives From the Trenches

email illustration

One dark and stormy night, while puzzling over the best way to design an email marketing strategy for a client (using Infusionsoft’s incredibly powerful Campaign Builder feature), it occurred to me that I should take a break, let my mind settle, and compose a group interview project via a brand new tool recently launched by my friend and mentor, Ann Smarty.

My theory is that there is only one place to go when you aren’t sure of where to go next: Return to the basics. Therefore, I tried to get right down to brass tacks … the basics of email marketing.

Group interviews provide a varied perspective that just isn’t possible with one-on-ones. For this project, I collected responses from a varied bunch of online marketers (read the addendum to find out more about the new tool).

First lesson: The interview is only as good as the question … and my first question was not only unnecessary, but none of my business.
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Nevertheless, those who responded to the interview request came through with some gems.

email pebbles

via Will Lion

Are you building an email list? If so, how many addresses have you collected?

Steve Counsell

As with every business owner or marketer who’s interested in digital marketing I am building a marketing list. Notice I use the term “marketing list.” I require each entry to have an email address, so you could call it an “email list,” but the point is that we should not rely on one method of marketing to the people we connect with. [Read more…]