Marketing Without Sales Is Like Thunder Without Rain

Internet marketers and social media managers are easy prey to a terrible disease: early adopter syndrome.

It’s tough to stay focused on the job at hand when the online world is abuzz with chatter about the newest tool promising to turn you into a graphics artist overnight or instantly make you an internet zillionaire.

Early adopter syndrome causes otherwise sound business strategies to disintegrate. It confuses the medium for the message and causes people to believe that shares, likes, and plus one signs are as valuable as sales.

They are not.

If your social media manager balks at the idea of documenting return on investment, fire her.

If your advertising or marketing manager can’t tell you why the time spent on shiny toys is important to increasing your conversion rate, find someone else.


Never, ever, never confuse activity with productivity. And never, ever, never take your eyes of the ball.

That ball, for a business, has one word on it: Sales.

You see, the unrecognized trap is the most dangerous trap of all.

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