Is Demian Farnworth REALLY David Ogilvy’s Bastard Son?

10 Ways to Piss Off David Ogilvy (Free Poster)

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Demian Farnworth is setting the bar high at Copyblogger — has he pushed past the limits of mediocrity and become the envy of every writer who still carries a pen and pad? If you’ve 5 minutes to invest in sharpening your writing skills — spend it with Demian and the Copyblogger dream team.

They are seriously on top of the game.


Has Google Gone Too Far?

Google is watching illustration

JOSH BACHYNSKI IS DOING SOMETHING many online bloggers and businesses have said NEEDS to be done:

He’s calling Google out for trading their iconic “Don’t be evil” motto in for one some say borders on sinister: Make more money (no matter who gets hurt).

Is Josh correct? Or is he only trying to stir up a name for himself and his search engine optimization (SEO) firm?

Any way you cut it, he’s proposed an important topic that needs to be addressed. [Read more…]


How LinkedIn Works – Report From the Trenches

Depending on your business goals and your audience, LinkedIn could help you generate leads and build traffic. I asked these pro users a few questions about how they use LinkedIn, PULSE, and SlideShare.

Here’s that report:

According to, over 52 million people visited LinkedIn in November!
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Q. Are you currently using LinkedIn? How active are you there on a 0-5 scale?

Brandon Schaefer (CEO )
On a scale of 0-5, I’m a 5.

Jared Banz (Founder)
4 – I use LinkedIn a lot, but not in the traditional sense. Rather than use it as a posting mechanism on the main wall or various groups, I use it to find freelancers for projects — as well as to observe what competing companies companies are doing.

Jeffrey Romano (Blogger @ WP LIghthouse)
Yes, I currently log in daily to LinkedIn. I moderate a local business LinkedIn group with over 5000 members so I make it a point that the group is spam free and has value-adding discussions going on. On a scale from 0 to 5, I would say that I’m a 4 in terms of how active I am.

Maxwell Ivey (The Blind Blogger)

Yes, I am on LinkedIn. I would say my level of activity is 4 out of 5. It’s my favorite network, due to the professional nature of the site and general high level of accessibility for blind users.

Steve Counsell (Motivational speaker, writer, and trainer)

I use LinkedIn occasionally (2 on a scale 0f 1-5), and I write articles for publication on LinkedIn.

Do you have a LinkedIn Company Page? Is it important to have both a personal and company presence on LinkedIn?

Brandon Schaefer 

Yes, I have a LinkedIn company page, but I mainly focus on my personal profile.

Jared Banz [Read more…]