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Open parachute

Maybe It’s My Attitude

Minds are like parachutes – they only function when open … 

Thomas Dewar

Open parachute

Parachute open – CC by bluecot


DO YOU EVER FIND YOURSELF closed down to new ideas — or, worse yet, acting as if you know it all and require no further information?

I do.

It may be that there is no more insidious habit than that of close-mindedness … of refusing to even TRY to see things differently. How do you feel when someone won’t listen to you and your ideas?

That is exactly how others feel when you do the same.

What is the cure for this relationship-wrecking malady?

When I was in grade school, I adopted an attitude that poisoned my education for years: I figured everything one could know was already known — that the textbooks and teachers were absolutely correct, that there was nothing left to discover.

I don’t know how I arrived at that conclusion. But it doomed me to mediocrity.

When I read “theory” or “theorem” behind a principle, I assumed it really meant “fact.”

In order to begin opening up, to learn to listen to others and accept that there are other possibilities … I need only develop a modicum of humility – humility for myself and humility for my position as a member of humankind.

I don’t know it all … and neither do you

The apparent truth (and this could be grossly inaccurate) is that we are spinning through space on a giant chunk of rock — every second of every day journeying through a position in the vastness of space where we have never, ever been before. The reality of our situation makes any ride at any amusement park seem tame by comparison.

Anything could happen next. Absolutely anything.

It may be that the reason we busy ourselves with knowing it all is that we are afraid to admit this fundamental truth. I call it “existential anxiety.” We all know, innately, that we know very little (if anything at all) … that our situation in life is precarious, at best, and we ware TERRIFIED to admit it.

So we hang on to the only thread we have: a cocksure determination that, indeed, we know everything … we do not require any outside information. The book is closed.

I am god.


Noah talks to God

Why Are the Plumber’s Pipes Always Leaking?

Do you make time for everyone else’s needs, but not for your own?

I do.

Are you driven to take care of your clients or customers, but your own projects go unattended?

That’s me.

Why is that?

Number one on the list is the need to earn a living. Many creative types have moved overseas, to a country where the cost of living is much lower. Some choose to live in RV’s or share rentals with others.

After all, net profit = revenue – expenses. That leaves two ways to have more money in the bank: More coming in or less going out.

For those of us who support a family, though, moving abroad or living in a van aren’t attractive alternatives. We have to work hard and scramble for every dime.


What if …

Noah talks to God

Noah, CC via Sweet Media

Do you remember the story of Noah?

God told him to build an ark. Noah listened and ended up saving humankind from extinction.

What if God told you to do something? Would you think it might be important? Would you place it first or last on your daily list of priorities?

Okay, I’m getting out there to make a point.

But really … in a way … aren’t we all born with a calling? Isn’t that assignment a big part of your Dream — of the work you would do if you only had time?

Why not?

Here’s how to get to the mountain (says the old proverb) … just keep walking in that direction.

Along the same line is the Japanese management theory known as “Kaizen” (improvement). The idea is that we can accomplish big changes by working on little improvements daily.

Could we do that? Could we make a small adjustment towards our Dreams today? And another tomorrow. Then another?

Here’s mine

Today, I am going to set aside one hour to work on Roadturn Principles. Just one hour. And, I’m going to put that in front of everything else. If that means I need to work an hour longer today, so be it.

But I will have “listened to God.” I will have worked on something I know needs attention — even though I am not getting paid to do it.

How about you? Is there something similar in your life? Is there something you can do TODAY to “walk in that direction”?

Let me know in the comments below, or use the Contact page to get in touch if you are one who hears a call and wants to answer it.

If you would like a free copy of the Roadmap to Freedom field manual — a book that can help you get started or keep going in the direction you really want to go … just let me know: click here

No obligation. No charge. It’s sent as a pdf, so there are no shipping fees.

I would, however, appreciate your feedback to help me get the next edition ready for press. Do that, and I will also send you a copy of the new manuscript before it is released to the public.

Let’s get on with this thing!

rocks and goals

The Big Rocks in Life – And What to Do About Them

Do you not know what to do … or are you reluctant to do what you know you should do?

Much of the time, for me, it’s the latter.

rocks and goals

Rocks – CC via Scarletina

I’ve been working with The Roadturn Principles (Dream Into It: The Roadmap to Freedom) for about four years now.

I have rewritten and refined my own Dream and the signposts I expect to see along the way numerous times.

Accordingly, the steps I have identified as filling the gaps have changed considerably.

Some of those desired actions, though, have remained the same since day one. Those are the biggies — the rocks that need to be addressed first.

Oh, I’ve been chipping away at them, here and there, but I’ve made few concerted efforts to really do business with those rocks.

What are the rocks in your life? Are you ignoring them? Do you have them on the “someday list”? Or are you putting them first and working on them every day?

A way to get started on necessary change

I’m going to go back through my Roadmap this weekend and make a list of my rocks. I want them front and center, staring at me daily.

I still may put them off … but at least they won’t be buried in the sand.

The Roadturn Principles rewrite is still in development. Finishing it is one of my rocks — something I see as crucial, but can’t seem to set aside enough time for.

The Roadmap to Freedom book coverDon’t let your inner critic beat you to the ground when you see things that need to change. Be thankful for the insight, then step forward to do something aimed at getting out of the rut. To get to the mountain, just keep walking in that direction.

To get your free copy of the field manual — a book that can help you get started or keep going in the direction you really want to go … just let me know: click here

Are you struggling to do what you know you should do? Have you made changes that are making a big change in your life? Share your experience in the comments below, or write to me via the contact page. I would love to hear about your journey.