An Online Marketing Course For YOU and ME

It’s not for everyone… that’s for sure.

My wife, for instance, loves getting out in public and talking with people. Working at home is NOT her dream job.

For me, though, working online is a gift. There are days when I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

If YOU are someone who would LOVE to work at home and call your own shots, there’s a new online marketing course that is affordable, powerful, and covers everything you need to know to get going online.

Let me tell you a little bit about the course.

Or — if you’re like me and have been praying you’d find a way to live the kind of life you’ve been hankering for: Watch It NOW.

Getting started with a business online

BraineeBook quoteI’ve been trying to figure out how to start a business online for the past eight years.

Before that, I WANTED to work online from home — but really didn’t do anything about it.

In June of 2007, though, I learned how to launch a WordPress blog. My first post made its way to the netosphere on the 13th… and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Along the way, I finished a master’s degree in creative writing and landed my dream job as a pro copywriter.

On May 10th of 2013, I walked out of corporate headquarters for the final time and entered the super-scary world of freelance writing.

The funny thing is that I had been helping other folks launch entrepreneurial ventures for years — but had never mustered up the courage to take the leap for myself.

I  still love working for others — helping them launch and run a successful business. I’ve come to realize, though, that even if I’m working from home and choosing which jobs to take and which to turn down… my check is STILL at the mercy of someone else.

Some months look wonderful and some months look disastrous. It’s exciting, but nerve-wracking.

I want to be able to take a week or two off without affecting anyone else’s schedule or letting anyone down. I want to take my family to Disneyland and not NEED to work constantly on the trip.

Am I spoiled?

You bet. I’ve tasted the “laptop lifestyle” and I want more.

I love it.

An Online Marketing Course For YOU and ME

Last week, I decided it was time for me to take the next step. In the past eight years, I’ve gathered many of the tools, abilities, and skills internet marketers need. I’m ready to get serious and learn the fundamentals of putting MY OWN offer together and getting MY OWN online business in action.

Sure enough, the very next day I received an email announcing a new online marketing course by one of the internet marketing greats (and a guy with a huge heart).

Over the years, I’ve purchased courses here and there. I’ve a dozen or so of them tucked away in my “Purchased Courses” folder. And when I bought them, I was sure they would help me move forward.

The truth is, though, that I’ve not opened some of them. Others, I began but quickly got distracted or lost. And there’s a few I studied long enough to reap benefits from them.

Here’s what I like about Jimmy Kim’s “Build My List” course:

  • It covers online marketing from beginning to end
  • It comes with all the tools you need to be successful
  • Jimmy and his team are with you all the way

Moreover, it’s absolutely affordable: $49 gets you everything you need (but for a computer and a connection to the internet).

I could tell you more, but I won’t.

Either you’re really interested in what I’ve just said — or you’re not.

My wife isn’t. She loves working at Macy’s.

But some of us aren’t happy working by the hour (or on salary) and living by someone else’s schedule.

If you’re like me, grab the course while you can and get started.

We’ll be in the same class, so we can help one another along the way.


Here’s that link: The best online marketing course EVER!

P.S. Even if making a living online isn’t for you, chances are you know someone who could really benefit from this opportunity. Maybe a young person or someone getting ready to retire. Pass this link on to them. It could absolutely change someone’s life.

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