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The Value of Focus

The world is busy … and getting busier every day. Do you feel it? Are you swamped with demands, duties, and information?

We are living a verse from the Scriptures, “Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased” (Daniel 12:4), and Fr. Tom Merton’s advice to “Don’t just do something. Stand there!” has never been more important.


Stop. Take a breath. Just be.

Advanced driving courses teach that, should your car begin to slide, you should keep both your and the car’s nose pointed to where you want to be — not where you are. That is good advice for a personal slide too. Stay focused on your desire. Keep looking in that direction.

When I wrote the Roadmap to Freedom field manual for a U.S. Small Business Administration project in Navajo and Ute territory, I wasn’t sure how it could happen — but I wanted to write for a living. I’ve been doing that full time now, since August of 2010.

But writing is a big field. What kind of writer am I? Where are my gifts best utilized? My Dream now is to become an authority on the Infusionsoft platform — to be one of the very best Infusionsoft writers and strategists in the world. I write Newsletters, Articles, and Marketing Content. I help entrepreneurs succeed by gaining more business and getting more sales.

My focus is tightening, and it feels good.

Are you a bit adrift right now? You can change that with focus.

Get a free copy of the Roadmap to Freedom Field Guide.

Do the exercises. Take action.




Tomorrow Begins Today

Don Sturgill, Writer

I’ve been meaning to make some changes: Get out of bed an hour earlier, cut way back on coffee, drink more water, exercise daily, stretch, breathe, drop sugar and refined foods … you know, CHANGES for the good.

I will start tomorrow.

This morning, I slept a half-hour later than my usual 0600 get-up time. I felt sluggish (maybe yesterday’s ice cream and cake?), and one thought presented itself to me:

Tomorrow begins today.

When I let go and don’t honor today — since I am going to get started tomorrow — change can be a long time coming.


How to Accomplish More

Take it from the ants: Together, we can accomplish a whole lot more than ANY of us could ever do alone.