Saving Twitter (from Twitter)

It’s a big story… and getting bigger.

When Jason Wiser called me this week — jumping up and down excited — I had to find out what had him so pumped.

The news was couched within a Twitter announcement. Others had missed the significance, but Jason and the Social Warfare team saw it right away.

I sifted through the info, sought technical advice, and wrote the article for the Social Warfare blog: What is Twitter Thinking?

Twitter Stock trendThe news picked up traction via a #SaveOurShareLinks hashtag and began to build buzz.

Then, Michael Stelzner jumped in to help out by talking about the issue on a Social Media Examiner Blab episode.

I followed up with a call to arms in a Pulse article.

Then I said a prayer for the little bird and hit the sack at about 2 am.

Today… SME featured the story in their weekly wrap-up. Katie, bar the doors! [Continue reading]

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