How to Get the Job Done Right

Getting an interview proposal ready for MyBlogU this morning, I was a bit shocked to see that my personal website (this one) doesn’t rank too high in the MyBlogU system.

What an eye-opener!

How in the world can others trust me to write for their websites if my own site is weak?

I know — “The plumber’s pipes are always leaking,” and “The cobbler’s kids are in need of shoes.”

I devote hours and hours to working for others… but seldom “find time” to write for myself.

So here’s my plan

The philosopher.

The philosopher.

One page I have been adding content to is my list of quotes and aphorisms. Josh Parkinson helped rekindle my love for “encapsulations of wisdom.” Now, I’m not claiming to be wise — but I want to be wise. I am a “philosopher’ at heart… a “lover of wisdom.”

Rather than to keep adding my realizations to the quotes and aphorisms page, though, I’m going to try setting them down as mini blog posts. I don’t know if it will help my klout with Moz and Google or not, but it will give me pleasure to see something tangible going on there — and my hope is that it can spur you on to realizations (and actions) of your own.

Here’s my aphorism for the day. I’m pretty sure I’ve not lived up to it yet… but I want to.

 Approach every task as if it is the one job others will use to judge your abilities (for it is).

Is Demian Farnworth REALLY David Ogilvy’s Bastard Son?

10 Ways to Piss Off David Ogilvy (Free Poster)

Like this copywriting crimes list? Get copywriting advice that works from Copyblogger Media.

Demian Farnworth is setting the bar high at Copyblogger — has he pushed past the limits of mediocrity and become the envy of every writer who still carries a pen and pad? If you’ve 5 minutes to invest in sharpening your writing skills — spend it with Demian and the Copyblogger dream team.

They are seriously on top of the game.

Has Google Gone Too Far?

Google is watching illustration

JOSH BACHYNSKI IS DOING SOMETHING many online bloggers and businesses have said NEEDS to be done:

He’s calling Google out for trading their iconic “Don’t be evil” motto in for one some say borders on sinister: Make more money (no matter who gets hurt).

Is Josh correct? Or is he only trying to stir up a name for himself and his search engine optimization (SEO) firm?

Any way you cut it, he’s proposed an important topic that needs to be addressed. [Read more…]