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rocks and goals

The Big Rocks in Life – And What to Do About Them

Do you not know what to do … or are you reluctant to do what you know you should do?

Much of the time, for me, it’s the latter.

rocks and goals

Rocks – CC via Scarletina

I’ve been working with The Roadturn Principles (Dream Into It: The Roadmap to Freedom) for about four years now.

I have rewritten and refined my own Dream and the signposts I expect to see along the way numerous times.

Accordingly, the steps I have identified as filling the gaps have changed considerably.

Some of those desired actions, though, have remained the same since day one. Those are the biggies — the rocks that need to be addressed first.

Oh, I’ve been chipping away at them, here and there, but I’ve made few concerted efforts to really do business with those rocks.

What are the rocks in your life? Are you ignoring them? Do you have them on the “someday list”? Or are you putting them first and working on them every day?

A way to get started on necessary change

I’m going to go back through my Roadmap this weekend and make a list of my rocks. I want them front and center, staring at me daily.

I still may put them off … but at least they won’t be buried in the sand.

The Roadturn Principles rewrite is still in development. Finishing it is one of my rocks — something I see as crucial, but can’t seem to set aside enough time for.

The Roadmap to Freedom book coverDon’t let your inner critic beat you to the ground when you see things that need to change. Be thankful for the insight, then step forward to do something aimed at getting out of the rut. To get to the mountain, just keep walking in that direction.

To get your free copy of the field manual — a book that can help you get started or keep going in the direction you really want to go … just let me know: click here

Are you struggling to do what you know you should do? Have you made changes that are making a big change in your life? Share your experience in the comments below, or write to me via the contact page. I would love to hear about your journey.



The Value of Focus

The world is busy … and getting busier every day. Do you feel it? Are you swamped with demands, duties, and information?

We are living a verse from the Scriptures, “Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased” (Daniel 12:4), and Fr. Tom Merton’s advice to “Don’t just do something. Stand there!” has never been more important.


Stop. Take a breath. Just be.

Advanced driving courses teach that, should your car begin to slide, you should keep both your and the car’s nose pointed to where you want to be — not where you are. That is good advice for a personal slide too. Stay focused on your desire. Keep looking in that direction.

When I wrote the Roadmap to Freedom field manual for a U.S. Small Business Administration project in Navajo and Ute territory, I wasn’t sure how it could happen — but I wanted to write for a living. I’ve been doing that full time now, since August of 2010.

But writing is a big field. What kind of writer am I? Where are my gifts best utilized? My Dream now is to become an authority on the Infusionsoft platform — to be one of the very best Infusionsoft writers and strategists in the world. I write Newsletters, Articles, and Marketing Content. I help entrepreneurs succeed by gaining more business and getting more sales.

My focus is tightening, and it feels good.

Are you a bit adrift right now? You can change that with focus.

Get a free copy of the Roadmap to Freedom Field Guide.

Do the exercises. Take action.




Tomorrow Begins Today

Don Sturgill, Writer

I’ve been meaning to make some changes: Get out of bed an hour earlier, cut way back on coffee, drink more water, exercise daily, stretch, breathe, drop sugar and refined foods … you know, CHANGES for the good.

I will start tomorrow.

This morning, I slept a half-hour later than my usual 0600 get-up time. I felt sluggish (maybe yesterday’s ice cream and cake?), and one thought presented itself to me:

Tomorrow begins today.

When I let go and don’t honor today — since I am going to get started tomorrow — change can be a long time coming.