SEO Writing and Content Marketing: Examples of articles I’ve written:

Stu Draper and his company, Stukent, are close to my heart. I write for Stukent regularly: An Entrepreneur’s Heart

There are times when I just LOVE to take a contrary position: Why Visual Marketing is Ruining Your Facebook Page

The online world is in constant flux … here’s an example: What is Twitter Thinking?

My favorite conversion optimization team is The Good. Here’s an article I wrote for them: Email Popups — The Most Controversial Marketing Tactic Ever!

A series of articles for the WordStream Blog, aimed at demystifying PPC  by focusing on fundamentals: The PPC Guide for Beginners

My interview with Guy Kawasaki was published by Ann Smarty on her SEO Smarty Blog. Ann is one of my favorite people. She definitely lives up to the last name: You Never Know Where the Path May Lead

Here’s a story I plan to talk more about some soon day: Is This One Fatal Mistake Killing Your Business?

This article is an eye-opener. Cognitive bias is a real and constant threat to making wise decisions: PPC Managers: Avoid These Three Traps

Do you want to develop one skill that can help you in every area of your life? Here’s how … an article for Conversion Max: Learning to Listen

Jack Nasher is an incredible guy. Here’s a Forbes article I wrote for Jack (and I have his permission to disclose my authorship): Top 10 World Changing Negotiations for 2020

Much of my work is ghostwriting. It’s under an influencer’s name or under a company name. You’ve seen my articles on Entrepreneur, Forbes, and other top websites around the globe.

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