THIS MORNING, I received a Google message from someone looking for articles … free articles. This guy, a website owner, needs fresh content to boost his site ratings. Like many who have something for sale on the internet (aka “internet marketers”), he knows that increased traffic directly correlates to increased sales–and a primary way of getting more traffic is to put up more content.

After all, internet search engines (aka “Google”) are simply elaborate question-answering machines. And that is how he found me. He was searching for freelance writers who write articles for content marketing, and he came across Roadturn Writing (which, in itself, is an amazing thing–since I invest most of my time helping others with their websites). It’s a case of “The plumber’s pipes need fixing.”

So, where do you find articles for your website for free?

Do you think I ran the poor bloke off, maybe told him to stuff “free” up his pipe and smoke it? I did not. There are times when I feel like saying that, though. But not this time. He seemed genuinely in need of help. More conversation revealed he’s lost his job and is trying to figure out how to bring in enough money to feed himself and his aging mother. You have to respect that.

If you are seeking content for inbound marketing, but don’t want to employ a writer to get it, I’ve some really, really good news.

First, I’ll tell you about the services provided on MBG, then I’ll talk a bit about why any writer worth his or her salt would give their work away in the first place.

It is the brainchild of SEO superstar, Ann Smarty. The site is focused on bringing together those who write articles and those who need articles. There are pro options available for those who want more bang, but anyone can go there and find unique, previously unpublished content–free of charge.

Maybe you are a Blogger (publisher) who wants to run a series on Search Engine Optimization, but you need an article on how authors can implement rel=author markup (let’s say). You simply go to the site and search the Articles Gallery for the topic you need, then indicate to the writer of the article that you are willing to publish it on your website.

The next step is up to the author. You may get permission (in which case the site will provide a download link) quickly, or you may need to wait until the author has gathered several offers and decides which publisher will get the article–remember, we are talking about unique, unpublished content … not free-for-all work like you find in articles directories. (And if you don’t know why anyone cares whether the content they publish is also published elsewhere, write me … we’ll talk.)

What a concept: Free articles for website Publishers and Bloggers

So why would a Writer do the hard work of researching and writing and article, then give it away? That is the million-dollar question. Here’s why:

Writers are idiots.

End of story.

Okay, sorry about that … takes one to know one.

There are several reasons why otherwise perfectly (well, okay, “passably”) sane individuals write for free. Here are a few:

  1. Vanity: First on the list, because it’s true. Folks love to see their name in print. It’s like shooting a hole-in-one.
  2. Getting started: Writers need to develop a resume’ online. Writing for free can get a career started.
  3. Link building: One of the quickest, most powerful ways to get your site ranking in the search engines is to have others linking to you. When it’s your article, you get to choose the links.
  4. Brand building: Brands–whether giant corporations, local businesses, or individuals–have a constant need for keeping themselves in public view. Articles can do that wonderfully and favorably. Has anyone interviewed you lately? Contact me for information on how it can happen.
  5. Promotions: Are you launching a new service? Just published the next Amazon bestseller? Has your company found a cure for boredom? Articles help you get the word out … and when other folks in the webosphere pick up on it and share your article,  you can really get the word out.

But that’s not all.

How do you find great articles to publish, without having to dig through the slush pile?

While every article must meet certain standards in order to be listed as available, not every Publisher has the same need. Some are hungry for material and will take just about anything with a title, intro, and ending. Others are exacting, and will not consider an article they consider less than high quality.

Higher pagerank Bloggers and Publishers can be quite discriminating. For that reason Ann Smarty and her team have taken things a step further. The site now offers an Elite Articles Gallery. Articles placed there undergo even more rigorous inspection before they may be posted.

The Elite Gallery helps those who are looking for high quality free articles by providing a one-stop view of current articles available, and it helps authors by giving those who care about the craft a high-visibility place to display them.

Ann says its “win-win,” and I definitely agree.

That is why I agreed to help Ann and her team with moderation and evangelization. Every website needs content. The watchwords are More and Better. To get those articles, posts, and reviews you have options:

  1. Write it yourself
  2. Pay a staff writer (Provide desk, steady salary, insurance, sick leave, and maternity pay)
  3. Hire a freelance article writer (like me) who is only on the payroll when you need help
  4. Get it from the Elite Articles Gallery or a similar service
  5. Steal it or copy it from someone else (not the recommended method)
  6. Keep searching phrases like “where can I get articles for my website?” (hope you have plenty of time)
  7. Go to the ocean and look for bottles with articles inside (see #5 and #6)

Okay, I’m opinionated. I think custom articles by me (Don Sturgill, aka Roadturn Writing) are your best bet for premium content targeting specific customers, and I think this is (by far) the best site for finding guest posts and free articles on the internet.

But I do it because I believe in both.

For questions, help, or general information about Roadturn or life in general … use the Contact form or leave a comment below.

About the Author Don Sturgill

Writer, Dreamer, Believer - Bend, Oregon, SEO and Content Marketing

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  1. Hi
    My Blog Guest is a great site created by Ann. I have been using MBG since last 2 years now and its really cool. I haven’t tried Elite Gallery uptill yet, have you tried it Don?


    1. Yep, T. The Elite Articles Gallery is still rolling out, but it’s up and working. There are plenty of great articles in the regular Gallery on My Blog Guest. Elite is a way for authors to pass through more stringent guidelines, so publishers don’t have to sort through the slush pile to find them.

  2. I want to say to any new bloggers who find this article; My Blog Guest works. Even when my site was less than 0PR I still was able to land free articles.

    1. And your site is growing steadily — well deserved growth.

      Hey … there’s a brand new function on My Blog Guest. Bloggers and Publishers can now request articles. Go to the main MBG page and look to the menu on the upper right: Article Requests

  3. Super read. Agree with pretty much everything.
    Erm, no. Everything.

    I briefly stopped by My Blog Guest not so long ago, was instantly offended at ‘free articles’, but then realisation dawned as to what was occurring.

    It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, writing for nought. But for quality writers with a spare hour, why not?

    Anyway, anyone in the IM/Blogging world who question’s Ann’s methods, well, it’s not the Smartest move, is it?

    Content aside, I loved your content.

    Read easily, resonated confidence, informative and was a pleasure from THIS to Guest. Thank you, Don.

  4. 😀 great article and as a user of MBG (My Blog Guest) it is the best blogger’s connect service i ever came across .. Bloggers are always looking for blogs to submit their articles to, so if you really need those free articles take some time to check out My Blog Guest.

    1. Thank you for the thumbs up, Triniwiz. I definitely agree. Ann Smarty’s My Blog Guest is the number one service for guest posts.

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